Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Harmonic Resonance Recordings has migrated to a new website:


This website will cease to exist by the end of October 2016.

Please click on the new link and update your browser bookmarks.

A new release from Alpha Wave Movement is currently in the works for later this year.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Inside The Rift Interviews Alpha Wave Movement


Recently Inside the Rift interviewed Alpha Wave Movement exploring the inner workings and origin of the music. The website is featuring a special one hour mix of some of the best music from Alpha Wave Movements catalog as well as some of the music from Within Reason another side project of Alpha Wave Movement. Just click on the image the link will take you directly to the interview.

"Inside the Rift features blog posts, podcasts, and other information about Psychedelics, Psychology, Paranormal Phenomena, Spirituality, Cryptids and other esoteric topics."

Check out the interview, listen to the music and enjoy the website Prox Centauri thank you!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016



New Alpha Wave Movement CD Released 2016

Kinetic - "art from any medium that contains movement perceivable by the listener or participant depends on motion for its effect".

A spectrum of emotional melodic electronica permeated with forward motion pulses and a tincture of aural atmospheres. Drawing on the classic electronic music mentors of 1970's and 80's in sound tools and compositional attributes.

Sonic vistas that traverse the canyons and inner cosmos with synthetic mindfulness.....

Release Date April 10, 2016

Pre-orders are being taken as of today.

Audio samples are now available for your listening pleasure......


Recorded in the Sound Cave 2015/16.
100% hardware synthesis PCM, Analog & Virtual Analog.

DJ's & Music writers/reviewers please drop me a note for a promo copy.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Harmonic Currents


The latest Alpha Wave Movement "Harmonic Currents" is now available on CD or Digital Download.

A harmonious two track release primarily created in silent reflection that is 90% live and in the moment. All music was conceived on a very minimal arrangement of electronics mainly one analog and two digital PCM synthesizers with little to no use of a computer except for the final recording stage.

Drawn on my travels to the coastlines of Southern Oregon and Northern California. The immense beauty and tranquility of the surf and splendor the terrain became a channeled experience for the eventual genesis of this release.

"Inspired by the hypnagogic lure of the vast ocean. A two composition ode to the muse of the liquid cosmos of deep enigmatic allure. A crystalline molecular matrix of electronic sound and gossamer timbral aesthetics. A subtle quietude of articulation that oscillates within the harmonic currents."

Additional News

Earthen originally released earlier this year (2015) is now available in a jewel case version with new artwork.

The original release was a limited and now out of print pressing on the Anodize label.

Earthen as the title suggests is pure ambient music... Surreal and drawn from a deeper well of bio molecular awakened consciousness.

"On "Earthen", Gregory Kyryluk has somehow been able to collect the best ingredients from his output as Alpha Wave Movement, blending his trademark of evocative ambient atmospherics and contemporary electronic sounds together with flares of Berlin School."

Sonic Immersion, on-line music zine



You can now purchase my entire discography of Alpha Wave Movement, Thought Guild, Within Reason, Open Canvas music as a digital music download package from Bandcamp.

You get the entire catalog of Harmonic Resonance Recordings releases spanning over a decade and a half. From uptempo cinematic electronica to the percussion driven eastern influenced music to the introspective and meditative.

You can purchase and sample the catalog here at the Harmonic Resonance Bandcamp page. Just scroll down and you will see the offer on the left side of the page/screen.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Thought Guild Third Voyage CD Re-Release 2015 + Xtra Music


Harmonic Resonance Recordings has re-released Thought Guild's "Third Voyage" for 2015 with an additional archival track "Ki" which was lost in the digital vaults for over ten years!

Ki is an all improvised track much like all the other Thought Guild music and carries an air of spontaneity whilst channeling the vibes and feel of that "vintage" 1970s/80 style of synthesizer music drawn from the European and domestic well of music inspiration. If memory serves well we used a Kurzweil K2000, ARP Solus, Moog Prodigy, ELKA Rhapsody and a few Novation modules.The track is not without incidence and has not been edited in any way. Its raw its real and it is Thought Guild.

"Third Voyage" was originally released in a limited edition hand made 5 1/4 retro floppy disc packaging of 50 hand numbered copies in 2012. The release quickly sold out and as of 2012 the music was available in digital format only. There was and will be no further studio music from Thought Guild. The project is now defunct.

CD and Digital is available from the HRR Bandcamp Page HERE...rs nd -Single Archival Trac

In addition to the Thought Guild re-release I have also uploaded another live studio improvisation featuring me on electric guitar and Kurzweil with Christopher on Moog & ARP. This is a beautiful laid back composition that as the title states brings that wonderful feeling of Summer's alchemical morphing into falls colorful splendors.

Alpha Wave Movement News
A new Alpha Wave Movement cd is currently in the process of being completed and will be tentatively released on Anodize in the coming months of 2015.

Titled " Earthen" the next AWM cd will be a part of an ambient trilogy known as the Mind Tonic Series (MTS) which will focus on beat-less ambient music drawn upon the influence of the natural world. Music will channel a diversity of minimal and subtly dynamic compositional structures designed in aiding a calmer state of mind.

Monday, January 5, 2015

System A + Celestial Chronicles Listed In Ambientmusicguide.com Top 2014 Albums

Alpha Wave Movement "System A" is officially available on CD and as a digital download.

A hidden bonus track is included and is only available on the CD version of System A. 

This is the first release of 2015 and is in the continuum of blissful space music albeit with a cosmic dash of dark timbral synthy additives and netherworld-ly samples mixed into the cosmic amalgamate.

"A variable region of tonal highways where the stellar fields are the central force driving create muses. The cryptic particulates of matter co-mingle with electronic modulations and distant murmuring throbs of pulsar emanations. Music that ventures beyond this mortal coil into deeper stygian vistas and fringe archaic cosmos." 

The Ambient Music Guide website mentioned Alpha Wave Movement "Celestial Chronicles" in the top 2014 releases of 2014

Here is the link for further reading.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Bandcamp Download Special + New AWM Release "System A"

 H.R.R. December Bandcamp Download Special

During the next few weeks to celebrate the end of 2014 and the arrival of a fresh new year i.e. 2015 every 2 purchases (cd or download albums) get a third download of your choice for free.

That's 3 full album downloads in the format of your choice for the price of 2.

Alpha Wave Movement "System A"

Arriving in January 2015 Alpha Wave Movement "System A" on cd & digital download format.


Space themed electronic music for you ear-magination and lucid listening!

"A variable region of tonal highways where the stellar fields are the central force driving create muses. The cryptic particulates of matter co-mingle with electronic modulations and distant murmuring throbs of pulsar emanations. Music that ventures beyond this mortal coil into deeper stygian vistas and fringe archaic cosmos."

Pre-Orders and audio samples at the HRR Bandcamp Page