Saturday, May 14, 2011

Soniq Variants Review Sonic Curiosity

One more review from the Sonic Curiosity Website:

This release from 2010 offers 60 minutes of gentle electronic music.

Alpha Wave Movement is Gregory Kyryluk.

Delicate electronics produce engaging tunes of shimmering beauty.

The electronics are soft and ethereal. Texturals serve as lustrous backdrops for elegant melodies and their unhurried variations. Tones are generated and elongated, then subjected to sensuous enhancements by additional chords. The melodies reside in these auxiliary embellishments as keys deliver pacific passages of fragile suspension.

Calm riffs float with stately demeanor and periodically engage in swirling activity of a mesmerizing nature. Crisp electronics achieve a regal posture that incites an alluring attraction with their luxurious definition.

While a degree of rhythms can be found here, the beats are extra soft and especially unintrusive, lending punctuation to the melodies more than propulsion.

To be fair, not all the tracks are floating structures. A few display a degree of oomph with more spry keyboard riffs in tandem with understated tempos.

These compositions were created primarily using Ensoniq gear, which bestows the tuneage with a gentility that excellently matches the composer's tranquil intentions. The music flows with a soothing serenity, instilling a restful mood in the audience.

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