Monday, January 23, 2012

Thought Guild Third Voyage

The final release in the Thought Guild music catalog will be available in late February.

MP3 downloads and samples are available on the Digital Audio Page of this blog i.e. to your right.
You can purchase the album from this site via the CD Baby Widget or go to the Amazon link below.


CD Baby Third Voyage

Itunes sales should be available in the next 2 weeks worldwide if not sooner.

After six years, shifts in planetary dynamics and life’s eddies the third and final chapter in the music of Thought Guild will be issued.

Third Voyage was harvested from the same fertile musical roots and inspirational moments as Context and Continuum. From its genesis Thought Guild was a recording project of an improvised nature with most of the music performed live to stereo 2-track with only bare  rhythms and sequences pre-programmed as foundations for the music. This kept a particular freshness and adolescent excitement to the music and a modus of which both Christopher and I enjoyed working inside of.

In reflection our final recording contains the same dedicated level of creativity, symmetry and spirit as our first two recordings.

Cd's are going to be a limited special edition of 50 copies all hand numbered and specially packaged in a "retro" fashion in honor of Christopher Cameron's memory. When these are gone they will not be repressed.

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