Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Project Release Within Reason - Subtle Shift

I would like to to introduce all of you to my latest side project Within Reason.

The new cd has been released on US based label Periphery. Housed in a aesthetically gratifying aluminum case complete with the cd artwork peering from the round window.  These are a limited production of 50 pieces.

Within Reason deviates from the space music I create as Alpha Wave Movement. The music is focused on underlying rhythmic elements and further minimal dubbier territories.

You can sample the music on the Periphery site as well as purchase downloads and cds.

I have a bare handful of cds you can purchase from the Order Page here at the site. When these are gone you can purchase direct from Periphery direct.

In addition you can purchase downloads from CD Baby and I-Tunes as well as Band Camp.

Release Details:
Making classifications and categories for our artforms lies not solely in the music critic/historian’s purview—it tends to be a common trait of human nature. Understanding an idea, grasping a concept, seems to become easier when the terminology is in place. So how to designate Subtle Shift, the debut by Within Reason? Ambient dub techno? The more abbreviated “dubtech”? Either description is a catch-all that essentially works, but there’s far too much nuance and certainly too many ideas percolating in the evanescent grooves and multi-hued striations of this recording to buttonhole it so conveniently. Within Reason is in fact Gregory Kyryluk, who already maintains quite a substantive musical career as Alpha Wave Movement, but this new project promises an entirely different direction. Managing to bridge the gap between 70s European space itineraries, the skanking digital substreams of Basic Channel, and such contemporary slo-mo rhythmic auteurs as Yagya, Bvdub, and Gas, Kyryluk transcends the historical baggage of genre in service of fomenting something other than a twist on accepted modes. Subtle Shift embraces a variety of mood-states: intermittently lush and beautiful, nocturnal and spooky, stark and mysterious. Kyryluk’s trump card lies in the skill of his arrangements: ‘familiar’ sounds achieve an uncanny otherness, rubbery beats melt in seas of silver echo, things move about in contrasting sonic dimensions. Most current practitioners of dubtech are content with the tried-and-truisms of reverb and delay; Kyryluk conveys a fascination with numerous strands of the electronic organisms born out of ‘traditional’ ambient, techno, post-dance, and decades-old Teutonic sensibilities. Since 1992, whether recording as AWM, Open Canvas, or as part of the duo Thought Guild, Kyryluk has seized his influences (Eno, Roach, the Berlin School graduates, his love of the natural landscape) to navigate a distinctive path across analog/digital terrain. Within Reason demonstrates a sonic craftsman’s keen understanding of the depth of those interfaces.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thought Guild Third Voyage CD Limited Edition

The final Thought Guild album Third Voyage is now available as a limited edition cd-r.

These are all handmade and packaged in beautiful "retro" 5.25 floppy discs all hand numbered with a limited edition of 50. Once these are gone there will be no more physical cd's available, however digital downloads will be available from I-Tunes, Amazon etc.

These are only being sold from this website and are not available at any other mail order company.

Please click Purchase CD's or the link on the menu on the right if you would like to purchase this cd.

I wanted this to be a special release and reflect the vintage atmosphere/vibe of the Thought Guild during our brief 3 release history.

Enjoy the Voyage!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Alpha Wave Movement Live Performance March Philadelphia

Alpha Wave Movement will be performing live at the Rotunda in Philadelphia on March 24, 2012.

One Thousand Pulses will also feature performances by Tim Motzer & J.A. Deane, groupThink, Peter Biedermann & Thin Air.

Please support the scene and take in a show, buy some cd's and have a pleasant chat with the artist's!

If you need further information visit the venue's site below or send me an email.